Handmade mini decor.

these pieces are small and delicate and are from many of your favourite life size places like love from seventeen, bleubelle macrame, knits & knits and more.

they are miniature size replicas of these businesses life size items hand crafted by then.

there is also a wide range of other hand made minis.

these items ARE NOT TOYS.

this is very important.

not only are some items delicate and will break easily but they’re very small and contain many small parts that are all choking ingestion and entanglement hazards.

remove all decor items from all play areas or areas in reach...such as doll houses BEFORE play. Store out of reach and putt of sight of children.

these items are not suitable for children under three years of age. Use must be appropriately supervised at all times due to the multiple hazards of these items

these items are again NOT TOYS and are ONLY for DECORATIVE purposes.

turn around times are ten days not including addition postal pick up and delivery times.

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